UK fragrance, personal care and skincare brand owners Three Pears Brands continue to develop on the strength of its brand portfolio with Le Jardin. Independent Community Pharmacist has awarded our classic, heritage scent, Le Jardin ‘Pharmacy Product of the Year 2021’.

Originally launched in 1983 by ‘The House of Dana’ as Max Factor Le Jardin. The House of Dana was established in 1932 in Barcelona, Spain, by Javier Sierra, formerly with the Spanish perfume house of Myrugia and named after Danae, the mother of Perseus in Greek mythology. An alleged great beauty, Danae came to symbolize female beauty, and it is her representation that graced The House of Dana’s logo.

During its 1983 launch actress, Jane Seymour embodied the fragrance’s delicate scent. Dressed in a pink fairytale dress, emerging from an enchanted flower garden, Seymour speaks about love and romance and how Le Jardin to speaks about love, how romance can only be achieved in full force if you come on softly, just like Le Jardin.

Three Pears Brands Chairman Edward Dunn said, “We were invited to enter Le Jardin along with two other product lines into the Pharmacy Product of the Year Nominations. We selected brands that have stood the test of time and that have carved their market position within an increasingly competitive market. We have an excellent product range which is a testament to their consumers’ goodwill.

Dunn continued, Three Pears Brands has now developed a strong heritage collection and has reformulated, rejuvenated and reimagined these Classic Scents from the 70s and 80s in line with company plans outlined last year”.

The Independent Pharmacy Awards hosted by Independent Community Pharmacist was launched in 2010 and gives independent pharmacies the chance to pick what they regard as the most valuable products in various categories.

“Our nominations also included Blue Stratos and Rapport Original. We are absolutely delighted that one of our nominations, Le Jardin was selected as the winner by independent pharmacies across the UK.” Says Dunn.

Le Jardin can be described as having fresh, floral top notes of Bergamot, Mint and Tarragon with heart notes of Cyclamen, Magnolia, Tuberose, Iris, Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, Lily of the Valley and Rose and, base notes of Sandalwood, Amber, Musk, Civet, Oakmoss and Cedarwood.

Le Jardin is available as a 100ml Eau de Parfum and as a Le Jardin and Le Jardin d’Amour Day Night Set (30ml).

Three Pears Brands have a select portfolio of outstanding classic fragrances, skincare and personal care products. With nearly 50 years in logistics systems and exceptional product presentation, customer and marketing support, Three Pears Brands has already become one of the fastest-growing fragrance, skincare, home and personal care brand owners in the UK.

Three Pears Brands have recently acquired five key household consumer brands from Lornamead Group, Harmony, Stergene, Amplex, Leichner and Ingram. This acquisition adds to the current 16 world-renowned and famous fragrance, skincare, home, personal care, and healthcare brands in their portfolio.

The Three Pears Brands family also includes the Cyclax 1896 skincare ranges, Nailoid Results, Nail Care and Treatments, and Natural Classic Original Henna Hair Treatment Wax, Blue Stratos, Rapport, Mandate, Gold and Le Jardin fragrances and skincare. They are also the marketing and distribution arm for Playboy Condoms and Lubricants for the UK and Ireland.