Often described as a luxurious shaving sensation because of its intense menthol feeling, Ingram had a reputation for being underestimated and had loyal followers world-wide since circa 1920 when it was known as Ingram’s Therapeutic Shaving Cream and manufactured By Bristol-Mayers of New York. Currently discontinued, Three Pears Brands will reformulate to meet today’s compliance requirements and give Ingram a new lease of life as a British manufactured product.

For a smoother & closer shave Ingram is a superior quality Lather Shaving Cream which lubricates your face better than foam to give you a smoother and closer shave than you’ve ever experienced before!

The formulation contains Menthol which stimulates the beard making it much easier to cut and leaves your face feeling cool, smooth and refreshed.

INGRAM Shaving Cream Lather 100ml