Product Development

New Product Development

The brands in our portfolio currently are established and well-loved the world over. We recognise the need to rejuvenate existing products, but to also look at the market, formulating new products for today’s younger customer and to continuously create and innovate.

We are cognitive of the need to seek to develop products to match the market needs of our customers and the markets they operate in. We monitor and consult on market trends in our scope of distribution and seek product development based on feedback and focus groups.

Once established on the next product or range, we define our expectation on product claims and price point and consult with our customer base; this becomes our product marketing brief.

Our R&D partners develop a product formulation based on our marketing brief and market needs, requirements regulations and costs before we start to look at ingredient sourcing, raw materials and sustainable componentry.

Behind all of this is our compliance teams who take care of regulatory requirements ( PIF, SDS, etc.) product safety testing (e.g. microbiological, claims, stability, etc.).

Once a New Product Development (NPD) is agreed and we work with our creative design and marketing partners to develop packaging, branding and retail displays etc. At this point prototyping, 3D modeling and packaging checks are made before final approval. Formulas, design, packaging, and branding all come together before launch, as well as PR and inclusion on one of our brand website