UK Fragrance and Skincare Brand owners Three Pears Brands continues to develop its UK Classic Scents ranges in line with Company plans announced earlier this year.

Three Pears Brands has now developed a strong heritage collection and has reformulated, rejuvenated and reimagined these Classic Scents from the 70s and 80s.

Including both Male and Female heritage brands many of which will bring smiles and may even trigger olfactory memories taking some of us back to places we remember the Fragrance from. The packaging is designed for new, and younger audiences, especially those that are value and budget conscious as well and those for whom retro holds appeal.

Available NOW: Blue Stratos, Rapport Original, Sport and Black, Mandate and Gold all available across EDT, Aftershave and Pre-Electric ranges accompanied by Personal Care and Skincare.

For the Ladies there is Le Jardin and Le Jardin D’amour in feature Gift Packs and a stunning combination dressing table set featuring both for Night and Day wear.

These classic British brands are available directly from Three Pears Brands. SRPs feature Six Cartons and a Tester for all bottled ranges and Gift Packs are all dual products.

We spoke to Ed Dunn, Chairman who said. ‘We started building our brand portfolio in 2018 with the acquisition of the Cyclax Skincare range which we have further developed and extended. We have been acquisitive and continue to add Classic Fragrances to the range. Our new product development is going well for our Skin Care, Personal Care and Fragrance markets and sales are strong both domestically and overseas. The Australasian Market is particularly good as it is mostly Eastern Europe and the Canary Islands that are strong with our Aloe Vera Skin Care Products.

Dunn added “Focusing on the acquisition and development of Great British Skincare and Personal Brands, our manufacturing expertise, together with our understanding of the international market and exporting – provides us with a major competitive edge when it comes to quality, price, innovation and service.”

Three Pears Brands have a select portfolio of outstanding Classic Fragrances, Skin Care and Personal Care Products, nearly 50 years in logistics systems and exceptional product presentation, customer and marketing support and has already become one of the fastest growing Fragrance, Skincare and Personal Care brand owners in the UK.

Three Pears Brands currently have 13 world renowned and famous Fragrance, Skincare, Personal Care, and Healthcare Brands in their portfolio.

The Three Pears Brands family also includes the Cyclax 1896 Skincare ranges, Nailoid Results, Nail Care and Treatments, and Natural Classic Original Henna Hair Treatment Wax and Dry Shampoo, Blue Stratos, Rapport, Mandate, Gold and Le Jardin Fragrances and Skincare. They are also the marketing and distribution arm for Playboy Condoms and Lubricants for the UK and Ireland.