Three Pears – International Wholesale Distribution are delighted to announce that they have acquired the Cyclax specialist skin and body care brand for an undisclosed amount. The company says they are committed to refreshing and developing the brand, retaining its heritage, developing new products and new ranges as well as providing a reliable supply chain with a promise of next day delivery. The acquisition includes the Natural Classic hair treatment and First Friends baby skincare brands.

Cyclax is a specialist skin and body care range designed to deliver tried, tested and trusted formulations for the ultimate experience in moisturisation. Established at the end of the nineteenth century (1897) Cyclax is one of the world’s oldest cosmetic companies still in operation today. Amongst Cylax rivals are brands such as Max Factor, Revlon and Yardley.

Cyclax was a family owned business until 1970 when it was sold to the American merchant bankers Lehman Brothers. Through the 1970s and 1980s Cyclax has passed through mixed and famous ownership including British American Tobacco and SmithKIine Beecham. It was sold by Richards & Appleby Ltd in October 2018 to Three Pears Ltd who plan to rejuvenate the brand. The current product range is largely based on the use of natural ingredients and Three Pears have already committed to 100% UK manufacture of all of the Cyclax products.

Three Pears Chairman Ed Dunn  says “Three Pears has done a lot of work over the past three or four years to establish ourselves as exclusive brand distributors and specialist exporters. We are the licenced UK and Ireland distributor for Playboy Condoms and Lubricants and our acquisition of Cyclax and its associated brands is part of our overall strategy to further develop our product portfolio and our business focus on brand ownership.”

“We believe we have the infrastructure and experience to take the brand to the next level in new product development and we  are already planning a new suncare range for next year. Cyclax started as a family business and has an amazing heritage. Three Pears is also a family business; started by my father in 1973 and it’s our ambition now to take this great British brand to a world market once again”.

There are notable milestones in Cyclax’s 121 year history including the 1939 release of a lipstick shade named ‘Auxiliary Red’ that was specifically designed for service women. It has been suggested that this lipstick started the trend for the use of bright red lipsticks during the war. As part of the war effort Cyclax developed a special lotion to treat burns, a sun‐proof cream for soldiers and a camouflage cream for the British Army. The camouflage cream was reputedly developed by Thelma Besant – who later became the Beauty Adviser and cosmetician to Princess/Queen Elizabeth.

Currently Cyclax has 4 ranges. Cyclax Moistura, Nature Pure, and Cyclax Sun Protection.